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Onshore Sea Scouting

Sailing on Lake Michigan is definitely a challenge as the weather can change quickly. Ship 5111 Captains and QBOs are all trained in knowing when to go, and this weekend the rain and 15-20K blow allowed us to changed it up a bit. So we took a poll and decided to spend our Sunday on the bridge of the Abby going over the Scout Oath, Scout Promise, Scout Law and Courtesies. And with our Quartermaster returning for the 2021 Chicago to Mackinac Race, we had even more discussion on rank advancement, skills training and more for our new recruits/apprentices and adult leaders. Ship 5111 mate Jennifer Angone worked with Quartermaster Mark and we had a great time getting to learn about each others personal goals and feedback. Gotta love a ship thats hosted by a ship. Thanks ColYC for all you do for us.

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