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New Scouts and guests go sailing SV Scout and SV Mirage

We love getting new Scouts and their friends out on the water and under sail. Adult leaders got a lot of work done on both boats and we took Scout out under full sail Saturday and Sunday. Swapped out batteries and assessed damage to the headsail on Mirage so we can get her out soon. We also discussed the importance of knowing the weather situation at all times and how to get back into the safety of the harbor quickly. Check out some video highlights and subscribe to Ship5111 on YouTube today.

Who likes driving the boat? This guy!

Measuring and assessing the damage to one of SV Mirages headsail

Nothing makes us happier than having Scouts bring friends and getting back to harbor before the storm.

Replace or repair?

Adult leaders Bob Angone, David Brown and Skipper Francis Baumgart having a few laughs at the public dock before hauling the headsail up the hill.

Measure twice.

Assessing the leech tape damage.

QBO training on Sunday with new Scouts and Adult leaders all pitching in.

2021 Ship 5111 fleet: SV Scout, a Sydney 41 on the left and SV Mirage, a Beneteau First 42 on the right.

One of our ship's new Scouts enjoying the breeze and helping out amidships on SV Scout.

PAC52 SV Natalie J staging for the NOOD Regatta Saturday.

And amazing weekend to be out on the water in Monroe Harbor.

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